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Cookery Courses

There are several cookery schools across Dublin and Ireland running cookery programmes specifically designed for Transition Years as well as general courses where students of our age are encouraged to attend.

These cookery courses are so much fun and you learn new skills that will stand to you forever!

No matter what your schedule is like there is always a course that you can fit in, whether it is a one day course, afterschool course for a month or even for the full year!

We really recommend trying one of these courses and I'm sure you know they're not just for girls, boys can learn a lot from these courses too!!

The Cookery School @ Donnybrook Fair run a great TY focused course. This course is designed to develop student's culinary skills while educating them on the benefits of eating healthy and nutritious foods. The course focuses on knife skills, safety in the kitchen, food safety and cuisine from aroundthe world. Recipe booklets, ingredients and lunch are all included.

Junior Chef run courses specifically designed for Transition Year students. They run weekly throughout the school year and will teach you all the basics as well as a lot more!

Cooks Academy run several excellent courses including courses on cupcakes, vegetarian cooking, all the basics and even sushi! Their website is Why not give it a go?!

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